The 6 Principles of No-Excuse Self-Promotion

1. You are in charge. You have control over words, prices, artwork, and your image. People will take as much power from you as you give them. Guard your power carefully. Accept 100% responsibility for your actions and make no excuses.

2. Connections are critical to your success. Ignore meeting new people and maintaining relationships at your peril.

3. Life isn’t fair. The artworld isn’t fair. No one owes you anything. Building a successful career and reputation is hard work. There are no shortcuts, no easy ways out.

4. If you ignore the latest technology, you’ll quickly fall behind.

5. Your artwork doesn’t speak for itself. The right language can help you sell your art. Sure, some art sells by itself, but have you ever heard of marketing anything without words?

6. No one can promote your work better than you.
No one believes in it more than you do. No one wants you to succeed more than you do. The motivation and ambition must start within you. Unless you are working with a coach or business mentor, no one is going to ask you to set goals. No one is going to tell you that you have to make a certain amount of money or achieve a certain level of success in order to be satisfied. You absolutely have to do this for yourself.